Glider AI Raised $10M Series A funding Led by Primera Capital


Glider AI

Glider AI, a Skill Intelligence Platform, has closed a $10 million Series A funding round led by Primera Capital and other industry leaders. Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) named the company’s HR technology the most innovative, and it will use the funds to expand its contingent and permanent hiring programs, develop proprietary technology, and grow its global team.

Glider AI serves global enterprises and leading staffing firms as they transition from outdated credentials-first recruiting to remote-centric, skills-based hiring. Satish Kumar, former COO and co-founder of Edulastic (acquired by Sumeru Equity Partners), founded Glider AI in 2020 to make hiring fair and opportunity accessible.

Customers of Glider AI benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive recruiting solution, which provides skill intelligence across multiple modalities and channels, from screening to live interviews, over the web or phone, via WhatsApp or SMS. Beyond skill validation, sophisticated AI-proctoring confirms candidate identity at all stages of the hiring process while still providing an exceptional candidate experience. Customers can also configure Glider AI to meet their quality benchmark requirements, tailor assessments to their technology stack or functional roles, and limit the level of AI-proctoring and anti-plagiarism controls.

The Glider AI solution goes beyond hiring by identifying employee skill gaps and supporting reskilling and upskilling initiatives. It has over 250,000 questions, 35+ interactive question types, and 500+ competencies for technology and non-tech functional roles. Glider AI’s most common use case is skill evaluation with hands-on tasks that replicate real-world scenarios, allowing candidates to demonstrate their abilities at a deeper level.

Glider AI, a Skill Intelligence Platform, offers hiring solutions such as screening, assessments, coding/video interviews, and upskilling software to help Enterprises, Staffing Firms, and MSPs scale hiring quality talent.

Glider is trusted by global brands such as Intuit, PwC, Applied Materials, Carmax, and FINRA to validate candidate quality and fit across any role in any industry.

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