Future Raised $6.5M Funding, Acquires Fan Rewards Startup


Climate-positive fintech company Future has successfully raised an additional $6.5 million in funding from both new and existing investors, bringing its total capital raised to $11 million.

The fresh capital injection positions Future for strategic growth, leading to the acquisition of Fan Rewards, an AI-driven rewards platform for fans of artists and influencers.

Future secured $6.5 million in additional funding, reaching a total capital raised of $11 million. The funding round included support from both new and existing investors.

Future’s acquisition of Fan Rewards aligns with its mission to build the first payments and rewards platform for the growing sustainable economy. Fan Rewards is an AI-driven rewards platform catering to fans of artists and influencers.

Future’s award-winning FutureCard Visa Debit Card offers 5%+ cashback on eco-friendly purchases, promoting sustainable choices. The Future app complements this by providing additional rewards, such as 10% cashback on renewable energy purchases.

The acquisition of Fan Rewards expands Future’s growing community to digital creators and their fans, leveraging AI to identify rewarding ways to adopt sustainable practices.

Future envisions a low-carbon future with a comprehensive, data-driven model that enables payments and rewards for its members. The company aims to provide a financial architecture that incorporates effective carbon pricing into everyday spending decisions.

Future’s approach focuses on making climate-friendly choices exciting and easy for millions of households, debunking the paradigm of paying more to be environmentally conscious.

The funding and acquisition highlight Future’s commitment to driving positive environmental impact by encouraging sustainable practices and providing innovative incentives for consumers.

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