Forta Health Raises $55 Million to Empower Parents in Caring for Autistic Children


Forta Health, a healthcare startup, has secured $55 million in funding to support its mission of democratizing access to healthcare, particularly for parents caring for autistic children. The company utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including large language models, to empower caregivers and enhance clinical treatments. Forta Health aims to bridge the healthcare accessibility gap in regions where access to physicians is limited.

The company’s initial focus is on autism treatment, using applied behavior analysis (ABA). ABA has faced criticism in the autistic community for being overly controlling and focused on changing behaviors to conform to societal norms. Forta Health defends its approach, emphasizing a trauma-informed and least-restraint approach.

Forta Health aims to address the challenge of ensuring consistent, quality care for children with autism, with a focus on providing professional support and training to parents. The startup believes that family-driven care is vital, and technology can enhance family caregiving, especially for chronic conditions and areas where the health system falls short.

The $55 million funding will enable Forta Health to expand its reach beyond autism and explore opportunities to enhance family caregiving for a broader range of conditions. The company has partnered with major U.S. health insurance providers and state government schemes to extend its AI resources to more patients. Forta Health emphasizes a personalized approach to treatment plans, leveraging AI to customize care for individuals.

The funding round was crucial for Forta Health to continue its efforts in leveling the playing field in healthcare access and providing support to parents in managing the care of autistic children. The startup sees family-based care as a significant and broad opportunity beyond autism alone.

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