Finicast Raises $12.8M in Seed Funding for Collaborative Enterprise Planning Platform


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Finicast, a modern SaaS enterprise collaborative planning platform, has announced the successful completion of its seed funding round, securing $12.8 million. The funding was led by Celesta Capital and will play a crucial role in advancing the company’s collaborative planning platform and expanding its go-to-market strategy.

The Finicast platform empowers organizations of all sizes and industries to fully leverage their business planning capabilities. With businesses facing unprecedented financial pressure, the need for efficient tools to adapt to dynamic business needs and achieve rapid results has never been more critical.

Finicast enables companies to adopt multi-dimensional collaborative planning, effectively combining the power of traditional planning platforms with the flexibility of modern SaaS tools.

Daniel Reif, CEO at Finicast, emphasized the limitations of conventional planning solutions in today’s dynamic business landscape. He explained that the company’s goal is to equip teams with the tools necessary to create and update flexible models, collaborate seamlessly across departments, and effortlessly scale to handle large-scale data sets.

The funding will pave the way for new opportunities to achieve accurate forecasting and planning in a personalized manner.

Michael Marks, Founding Managing Partner at Celesta Capital, acknowledged the demand for more flexible, collaborative, and user-friendly solutions to support companies in their strategic planning and analysis. He expressed excitement in supporting Finicast’s growth as they bring simplicity to this complex process.

Clients have already experienced the benefits of Finicast’s platform. Peter Tatrai, Director of Strategic Planning at Hinge Health, stated that they needed to move beyond spreadsheets to keep up with the pace of their business.

Finicast allowed them to quickly adopt the platform and keep building models and departments online. They appreciated the platform’s ability to connect different systems, such as Business Intelligence (BI), legacy cost, and accounting, facilitating seamless data merging in Finicast.

The platform offers the fastest time-to-value with a lower entry price, requires fewer onboarding resources, and provides a more flexible workspace compared to other solutions in the market. Finicast empowers collaboration through task management, allowing data input directly into models based on permissions, and facilitating co-building of models with advanced version control.

Leveraging its proprietary PivotFrame data engine technology and intuitive user experience, Finicast delivers a centralized planning platform that enables precise decision-making and enhances organizational efficiency.

Finicast, headquartered in San Mateo, CA, serves customers across diverse industries and sizes, providing them with a modern SaaS enterprise planning platform to effectively model, plan, forecast, and track performance.

The platform addresses the limitations of traditional planning solutions and offers a centralized planning platform tailored to businesses with unique scales, operational complexities, and market dynamics.

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