f2o Sports announces their crowdfunding campaign is live and fans can become the owner of a soccer team in Spain

f2o Sports launches a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign, allowing global fans to own equity in a soccer team in Spain and revolutionize traditional sports ownership.
f2o Sports


f2o Sports Corporation has launched its first Regulation Crowdfunding campaign under its subsidiary Fan to Owner LLC, that will allow fans around the world the opportunity to participate in ownership of the first team that will be acquired by the f2o Sports group – a soccer team in Spain.

Today millionaires and billionaires own, operate, and profit from the sports teams they’ve purchased while the fans continue to pay for the unprecedented meteoric rise in their beloved clubs’ valuation without participating in the clubs’ value capture.

“The archaic model of sports ownership has stagnated, and the fans are literally the ones paying the price. It’s time for sports ownership to evolve with a global 3.0 approach. f2o Sports is committed to decentralizing the old ways of sports ownership and putting the industry on notice that the fans are about to take back the game,” says Wolfgang Muller, Co-Founder & CEO of f2o Sports.

f2o Sports originated on the athletic fields of Stanford University where a group of founders set out to decentralize, digitize, and globalize the current model of sports ownership. To raise funding for this aggressive endeavor, they chose to start with a crowdfunding campaign (Reg CF) that will allow fans to own equity in an f2o Sports company that will acquire their first portfolio team – a soccer club in Spain.

f2o Sports intends to acquire the soccer team within a year from the closing of the Reg CF campaign which is being conducted through a FINRA-registered intermediary, WeFunder Portal LLC. This will be the kick-off of f2o Sports’ initiative to have a global multi-sport portfolio of teams.

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In sports, the concentration of power at the top continues to increase and the fans are excluded from the ownership of the teams they are passionate about.

“Professional Sports teams are businesses that continue to grow in valuation YOY; our intent is to ensure the fans can participate in the value capture of the clubs they love and support, ” exclaimed Michael Wright, Co-Founder of f2o Sports and a former professional soccer player.

f2o Sports is preparing to change the outdated model of professional sports ownership by turning sports fans of the world into true owners of the game.

About f2o Sports
f2o Sports is a global company founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, to change the outdated model of sports franchise ownership, by turning sports fans of the world into owners of the game. This innovative and disruptive proposal comes from the athletic fields of Stanford University where a group of founders set out to decentralize, digitize, and globalize ownership within the sports industry. Allowing any fan to become an owner in professional sports clubs in different parts of the world.  This will start with a soon to be launched crowdfunding round under Regulation CF. f2o Sports decentralizes access and offers sports fans around the world the opportunity to “Own the Game.”


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