Eyebot Raises $6M in Seed Funding


Eyebot, a Boston, MA-based developer of rapid point-of-sale eye prescription technologies, has secured $6 million in Seed funding.

Key Highlights:

  • Funding Details:
  • Amount Raised: $6 million
  • Lead Investors: AlleyCorp and Ubiquity Ventures
  • Participating Investors: Humba Ventures, Ravelin, Spacecadet, Baukunst, and Village Global

About Eyebot:

  • Leadership:
  • Founder and CEO: Matthias Hofmann, PhD
  • Product Offering:
  • Technology: Eyebot specializes in self-serve, rapid vision testing technologies.
  • First Product: A freestanding self-serve vision testing terminal that provides accurate eye prescriptions directly at the point-of-sale through a 90-second automated experience.
  • Clinical Validation:
  • Eyebot has completed clinical studies involving hundreds of patients, validating its self-serve modality in several US cities.

Achievements and Plans:

  • Orders and Partnerships: The company has received orders from leading eyewear brands and has established a tele-doctor network of providers.
  • Expansion Plans: Eyebot is planning to scale its operations in 2025.

Purpose of Funding:

  • Product Development: To further develop and enhance its vision testing technologies.
  • Team Growth: To expand its team to support the company’s growth and innovation.
  • Expansion Initiatives: To accelerate its market expansion and reach more customers.

Eyebot aims to revolutionize the vision care industry by providing quick, accurate, and convenient eye prescriptions at the point of sale. The newly secured funding will enable Eyebot to expand its product offerings, grow its team, and accelerate its market presence, ensuring broader access to its innovative vision testing solutions.

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