Extropic Raises $14.1 Million Seed Funding to Advance Physics-Based Computing Paradigm


Extropic, a trailblazer in physics-based artificial intelligence (AI), has successfully concluded a $14.1 million Seed funding round led by Steve Jang and Kindred Ventures, known for their contributions to Uber, Coinbase, and Humane. Other notable participants in the funding round include Buckley Ventures, HOF Capital, Julian Capital, Marque VC, OSS Capital, Valor Equity Partners, Weekend Fund, and several distinguished angel investors.

Revolutionizing Computation Through Physics
Extropic is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative to redefine computation using a novel full-stack paradigm of physics-based computing. In a world witnessing an escalating demand for scalable, cost-effective, and efficient computing, Extropic envisions a future where computers leverage the natural entropy of the world, programming themselves to learn representations of the world and operating with unprecedented efficiency.

Unleashing the Power of Thermodynamics
Built on the principles of out-of-equilibrium thermodynamics, Extropic’s computing paradigm aims to seamlessly merge generative AI with the fundamental physics of the world. The ultimate goal is to embed generative AI into physical processes, pushing the limits of efficiency defined by the laws of physics in terms of space, time, and energy.

Meet the Visionaries
Founded in 2022 by Guillaume Verdon, former quantum tech lead in the Physics & AI team at Alphabet’s X, Extropic is led by a visionary team. Guillaume Verdon serves as Extropic’s CEO, with Trevor McCourt as the CTO and Christopher Chamberland as the Principal Architect. The team brings extensive experience from AWS, Meta, IBM, Nvidia, Xanadu, and leading academic institutions, primarily in Physics and AI.

Interdisciplinary Team of Experts
Extropic’s team is composed of scientists and engineers with diverse backgrounds, uniquely positioning the company to pioneer a unified approach to Physics and AI. The team’s interdisciplinary expertise is crucial in advancing Extropic’s goal of embedding generative AI into the fabric of physical processes.

A Stellar Backing of Investors
The successful Series Seed round, raising $14.1 million, was led by Steve Jang and Kindred Ventures. Other participants include Buckley Ventures, HOF Capital, Julian Capital, Marque VC, OSS Capital, Valor Equity Partners, Weekend Fund, and numerous angel investors such as Aidan Gomez, Amjad Masad, Arash Ferdowsi, Balaji Srinivasan, Naval Ravikant, and more.

Extropic expresses gratitude to its investors for their commitment to pushing the boundaries of computing.

The Seed capital will be instrumental in accelerating the development of Extropic’s revolutionary computational paradigm.

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