EVCS Awarded $1.9M from the California Energy Commission


EVCS, a major electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging network operator on the West Coast, has received a $1.9 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) through its Rural Electric Vehicle (REV) program. The funding will be used to install 30 DC fast chargers and 8 Level 2 chargers in Northern and Central California, with the aim of improving access to EV infrastructure in rural, low-income, and disadvantaged communities.

The REV program’s objective is to expand EV charging access in underserved areas. The grant received by EVCS will not only support the installation of chargers but also ensure their reliability and accessibility through comprehensive support and maintenance services.

EVCS is rapidly expanding its charging network and plans to double its charger count to over 1,500 and enter more than 35 new cities by the end of the year. With the assistance of the CEC funds, EVCS will expand into new markets, including Mendocino County, Butte County, and San Joaquin County.

Gustavo Occhuizzo, CEO and Co-Founder at EVCS, expressed excitement about the partnership with the CEC and the opportunity to install more chargers in rural areas and along interstate corridors. EVCS also aims to engage local communities to promote EV adoption and contribute to California’s transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Commissioner Patty Monahan of the California Energy Commission expressed the organization’s support for EVCS in expanding EV infrastructure access to rural, low-income, and disadvantaged communities. The partnership with EVCS aligns with California’s goals for zero-emission transportation, and the commission is looking forward to the implementation of charging sites in the near future.

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