Eurotrips charts new horizons with investment injection from Day8

The funds will be utilized to launch the company into new markets, enhance its marketing efforts, and strengthen its team to ensure the delivery of exceptional travel experiences. 


Eurotrips, a European tour operator for young travelers, raised €260,000 in an investment round. Day8, is a travel holding company, the lead and only investor in this round.

Day 8 has been creating travel projects since 2006. The holding includes Yacht Week, Ski Week, and Quarter Deck. Eurotrips is the perfect complimentary partner for Day 8.

The funds will be utilized to launch the company into new markets, enhance its marketing efforts, and strengthen its team to ensure the delivery of exceptional travel experiences. 

Eurotrips differentiates itself by offering meticulously curated itineraries that combine iconic cultural landmarks with contemporary experiences in Europe’s most vibrant cities. Emphasizing comfort, the company ensures that all accommodations are in hotels, providing travelers with a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Exclusive collaborations with Yacht Week, Ski Week, and premier music festivals offer unique opportunities for exploration and entertainment.

“For more than 11 years of work in European tourism, our team has faced many challenges. However, our goal was to present a fresh perspective on the traditionally conservative travel market. And, after gaining valuable experience and growth, our team is ready for further development with the support of key partners like Yacht Week. This partnership not only supports EuroTrips’ creative strategy, but also puts the company in a strong position to enter new markets. As well as achieving its goal of being the leading travel company for European destinations to provide travelers with travel experiences around the world” — said Dmytro Yaremkovych, CEO and Co-Founder of EuroTrips

EuroTrips and Yacht Week have become leaders in their respective industries in their respective countries and have decided to join efforts to bring changes to the bus tour market, for the first time in 51 years.

To help everyone comfortably enjoy their time together, the company is restricting the age range to only 20–30 years old. Additionally, with its “Less is More” approach, the company provides 10 meticulously crafted routes, sparing customers the hassle of sifting through endless options on the website.

As EuroTrips prepares to launch its summer season, the first tours will commence at the end of May, featuring nine European routes. These journeys range from 10 to 37 days, spanning 4 to 14 countries in a single trip. Collaborations with Yacht Week are also underway, promising more excitement for travelers.

“At Day 8 Experiences and The Yacht Week, our vision is to create extraordinary experiences that spread joy, spark an appreciation for our planet, and inspire curious people to become part of our global family. Investing in EuroTrips is a no-brainer and the experience that their team brings will help supercharge us in this space”, said Barry Gifford, CEO at Day 8.

In terms of growth, EuroTrips boasts a dedicated team of 22 individuals in the back office, with an additional 20 in the team of guides and photographers.

Within the Day8 team, over 40 individuals work in the back office, supported by 100+ project members working on all the holding projects.

During its 11-year history, EuroTrips has organized over 1000 incredible tours, making the travel dreams of more than 50,000 adventurers a reality. 

EuroTrips has helped over 60 new families come together, and 40% of travelers have taken their first trip abroad. Having traveled over 3 million kilometers alongside clients, it is clear that EuroTrips provides unforgettable experiences and treasured memories.  Despite the Russian-Ukrainian war, the company has found opportunities and resources for development. Overcoming challenges, they continue to conquer the global market and offer entirely new solutions in the tourism industry.

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