eMolecules Acquires Specs Compound Handling to Expand Global Chemical Management Capabilities


eMolecules, a prominent chemical compound search-and-fulfillment platform for early discovery chemistry research, has announced the acquisition of Specs Compound Handling B.V. This strategic move enables eMolecules to enhance its compound reformatting and management capabilities while expanding its geographical footprint.

Specs specializes in offering chemical compound management services to the life sciences industry, particularly in the European pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic sectors. With over 35 years of experience in commercial and chemical reformatting operations in Europe, the United States, and Asia, Specs drives time and cost efficiencies for customers’ large-scale drug candidate screening programs.

The acquisition is a significant milestone for eMolecules and represents an opportunity to deepen relationships with research organizations seeking a global partner for efficient compound procurement and management across distributed chemistry groups. By combining the expertise of both teams, eMolecules aims to support the transformation of chemicals into knowledge, enabling chemists to focus on high-value activities and reducing inefficiencies in drug discovery.

Dr. Niko Gubernator, CEO and President of eMolecules, expressed excitement about the acquisition, highlighting the potential operational returns for customers and the alignment of eMolecules’ vision with Specs’ capabilities. Dr. Johan Tijhuis, CEO of Specs, also shared enthusiasm for joining forces with eMolecules and emphasized the added value they can provide to the drug discovery research community.

The transaction was supported by eMolecules’ existing investors, including Avista Capital Partners.

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