ELIAS Animal Health Closed $10M Series A Funding


ELIAS Animal Health, a leading company specializing in companion animal cancer therapeutics, has announced a significant milestone with the appointment of Brian Segebrecht as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and the successful completion of a $10 million Series A funding round. This funding will support the commercialization and development of innovative therapies for canine cancer, particularly focusing on the imminent approval and launch of the ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI®) in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Brian Segebrecht brings extensive experience to ELIAS Animal Health, having previously served as CEO of Sentrx Animal Care, leading the company to a successful exit in 2023. As CRO, Segebrecht will spearhead the commercialization efforts for ECI® and drive strategic partnerships to expand the company’s product pipeline.

ELIAS Animal Health’s CEO, Tammie Wahaus, expressed confidence in Segebrecht’s ability to navigate the commercialization of ECI® and advance the company’s mission in the field of canine oncology. Segebrecht echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the groundbreaking nature of ECI® and ELIAS’s commitment to innovation in companion animal cancer therapeutics.

The appointment of Segebrecht coincides with a pivotal achievement for ELIAS Animal Health, as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has determined that ECI® demonstrates a reasonable expectation of efficacy. This recognition positions ECI® as a pioneering adoptive cell therapy for the treatment of canine osteosarcoma, a particularly lethal form of bone cancer in dogs.

The $10 million Series A funding round will fuel ELIAS Animal Health’s manufacturing expansion and facilitate the commercial launch of ECI®. Additionally, the funding will support the ongoing development of the company’s product pipeline, which includes a novel oncolytic immunotherapy and pilot studies exploring combination therapies with checkpoint inhibitors and advanced surgical techniques.

ELIAS Animal Health’s dedication to advancing the field of companion animal cancer therapeutics underscores its commitment to improving the lives of pets and their owners. With the support of strategic leadership and significant investment, ELIAS aims to revolutionize the treatment landscape for canine cancer, offering hope and innovative solutions to pet owners and veterinarians alike.

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