Eastar Insurance Group Corp. Announces Pricing of Pre-seed Initial Public Offering (IPO)


Eastar Insurance Group Corp. has emerged as a profit corporation that aims to provide safety to the community when shopping for insurance.

In the latest development, Eastar Insurance Group Corp. announces pricing of its pre-seed initial public offering at an affordable price. The corporation aims to provide safety to the community when shopping for insurance and has a pending patent to protect its business method. With corporations’ offices and kiosks, it is easy for individuals who stop shopping and going to stores because of being scared of being exposed to viruses.

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Eastar Insurance Group Corp. serves the community, and remote employees can print, take payments and do everything if the team members are in the office with the client. The corporation is planning to go into the public sector very soon. Eastar Insurance Group Corp. holds a pending patent and makes it the first insurance company to work with kiosks nationwide.

The corporation offers insurance policies by selling insurance for other insurance carriers like Progressive, Nationwide, and Liberty Mutual, among others. Eastar Insurance Group is looking to get its certificate of authority which is needed to provide its insurance policies without a third party, expand nationwide, and also hire more employees. The corporation kiosks and traditional offices will be the first ones in the nation to have completely remote employees. In such a way, clients will trust coming out to the offices and kiosks for business.

The platform needs continue to grow as a team becomes more fluid and global, and insurance is increasing. By solving these universal problems, the corporation becomes invaluable to the users. The popularity of corporations’ services drives viral growth, which has allowed them to scale rapidly and efficiently. It focuses on safety and a free-exposure environment.

The company designed Eastar Insurance Group Corp. to be easy to use, from the website to in-store services are very easy and safe to use. The company estimates that approximately 30 million customers will switch with the corporation once everyone knows about our services and benefits. The company connects with users through social media, radio, television advertising, and email notifications. Its open and thriving ecosystem fosters deeper relationships with its travelers and makes Eastar more valuable to them over time.

The company increases capitalization, and financial flexibility creates a public market for its common stock and enables access to the public equity markets for corporations and their future stockholders. The company intends to use a portion of the net proceeds from this offering to pay for a certificate of authority this way they can issue their own policies. Eastar Insurance Group Corp. also plans to expand nationwide and hire more employees. Additionally, use a portion of the net proceeds received from this offering to acquire business, products, services, or technologies.

About Eastar Insurance Group:

Eastar Insurance Group was founded in 2022 with a simple idea: Life would be much better if everyone could go out and shop without being exposed to unknown viruses. The company focuses on reducing the exposure of viruses by servicing clients on a remote basis from traditional offices or kiosks. The employees can print and see clients face to face and do everything a person in the office can.

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Eastar Insurance Group Corp.

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