EarliTec Diagnostics Raises $21.5M to Enhance Early Autism Diagnosis


EarliTec Diagnostics, an Atlanta-based startup, has secured $21.5 million in a Series B funding round to expand its innovative system aimed at diagnosing autism in children as young as 16 months old. With autism affecting one in 36 children in the U.S., the importance of early diagnosis for better developmental outcomes cannot be overstated.

The company’s FDA-authorized approach involves utilizing artificial intelligence to track children’s eye movements as they watch short videos and engage in social interactions on a screen for 12 minutes. By analyzing the child’s focus and behavior, EarliTec’s technology can identify potential signs of autism. This streamlined process provides a faster and more accessible alternative to traditional three- or four-hour assessments, which often have lengthy waitlists.

Tom Ressemann, CEO of EarliTec Diagnostics, highlighted the significance of quicker diagnoses in facilitating timely intervention and support for children with autism. The startup’s 12-minute test is designed to seamlessly integrate into clinicians’ workflows, whether conducted at home, in clinics, or schools, enabling more efficient and widespread screening.

The recent funding round, co-led by Nexus NeuroTech Ventures and Venture Investors, underscores growing interest in the autism-focused healthcare space among investors. With plans to expand its commercialization efforts, EarliTec aims to enhance its diagnostic capabilities and extend its reach to a broader age group.

The surge in investment activity in the autism healthcare sector reflects a heightened awareness of the condition’s prevalence and the pressing need for innovative solutions. As more startups like EarliTec develop tools and therapies to support individuals with autism, investors are recognizing the significant market opportunity while contributing to meaningful societal impact.

Ressemann emphasized that increased awareness of autism’s prevalence has fueled investor interest, leading to greater support for solutions addressing the condition’s unmet needs. The substantial market potential and opportunity to improve lives are driving investment in startups focused on autism diagnosis and treatment, signaling a positive trend toward better support for individuals with developmental disorders.

In conclusion, the infusion of capital into companies like EarliTec Diagnostics not only holds promise for financial returns but also signifies a collective effort to advance early intervention and support for individuals with autism, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and supportive society.

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