Dylibso Raises $6.6 Million in Seed Funding to Bring WebAssembly to Market


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Dylibso, a WebAssembly pioneer, announced today that it has raised $6.6 million in seed funding led by Felicis, with participation from pre-seed investors boldstart ventures, Pebblebed, and Crew Capital. The funds will be used to further the company’s mission of assisting teams in bringing WebAssembly into production. Dylibso, the company behind Extism, the popular open source Universal Plug-in System, has announced the general availability of its first product, Modsurfer, the WASM system of record.

Extism, which was introduced in December 2022, has seen rapid adoption and has surpassed 1,700 GitHub stars. Its focus is to make any program extensible by end-users and has been adopted in large projects across GitHub. It is powered by WebAssembly. It is currently receiving community contributions for new language SDKs such as Java, C#, and Zig, joining 13 other languages such as Go, Rust, Ruby, Python, PHP, and others. The addition of Host Functions, which allows users to inject any custom functionality they want to give their plugins access to, is a key new feature that was recently made available (e.g. make a database query, use a native function, etc).

Dylibso, founded in 2022 by experienced developers, is on a mission to make WebAssembly work seamlessly for developers in production. The company, which has offices in Boulder, Colorado, Los Angeles, and New Orleans, created and maintains the Extism open source project for thousands of developers worldwide, as well as Modsurfer for enterprise dev and operations teams. The company is privately held and backed by prominent developer-first venture firms such as boldstart ventures, Crew Capital, Felicis, and Pebblebed.

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