Dutch Travel App Stippl raises €575.000 for expansion and introduction of AI travel planning


Stippl, the all-in-one travel app, today announced the raise of over €575.000. Backed by Marbruck Investments from Australia and Volve Capital from the Netherlands, the technology company will develop its AI travel planning feature and aims to grow the number of users to one million by the end of 2024.

Travel planning made simple. With this vision in mind entrepreneurs Luuk Verhoeven, Omar Sheshtawy, and Robin van Rijn created travel platform Stippl in 2022. Since then, the platform has evolved into a pioneering all-in-one travel app where travelers can plan their journeys, including accommodation, transportation, activities and much more. After the launch of the accompanying app in the beginning of 2023, and the introduction of innovative features, such as the creation of travel video’s using photos, reels and social profiles, the number of users has increased to a quarter of a million in over 160 countries, doubling the company’s annual target.

To continue its journey to redefine the way travelers plan their trips and cater to their every need, Stippl raised over €575.000 from Marbruck Investments from Australia and Volve Capital from the Netherlands. Backed by this funding, the company is set on revolutionizing the way AI is used for travel planning. By harnessing the power of generative AI, combined with Stippl’s innovative travel planning tools and a growing travel community, the company is on a mission to create the most personalized and customisable experiences. Furthermore, the team is ambitiously aiming to expand its user base to one million by the end of 2024, alongside growing and extending its established business models through new subscription services and personalized photo books.

“In the following years, we really want to cement our position as the leading travel app. With Stippl we intend to enhance the travel experience for all travelers worldwide, from the moment they start planning to reliving their cherished memories. This new funding allows us to expand the Stippl team and work towards new heights”, Luuk Verhoeven, CEO of Stippl, states.

“Investing in travel apps means backing the journey of exploration and discovery of their community. Stippl redefines traveler’s experiences, turning aspirations into seamless itineraries. Volve Capital is very excited about the future of Stippl, and the opportunities offered by this new release, enabling a one-stop-shop for travel planning and discovery,” says Joost Bijlsma, Partner at Volve Capital.

The all-in-one travel app

Stippl allows travelers to plan their itineraries, find accommodation on platforms like Booking.com, discover and/or add transportation, and uncover tours and activities using GetYourGuide.com. However, it doesn’t stop there. Travelers also get to relive their experiences by creating instant travel videos using their own travel photos, and are able to follow friends or content creators they admire, and copy or personalize their itineraries. Therefore, the all-in-one travel planner becomes the ultimate travel community, where users can not only plan their adventures, but share and exchange experiences as well.

Stippl is created to accommodate all travelers, which means it’s also there for those who travel for a living. Besides using the app to plan their trips, travel content creators can share their itineraries and adventures and engage with their audiences before, during and after their adventures via the newly updated “Discovery” section. By using Stippl, their reach gets broadered and they’re able to generate additional income.

Stippl is available on IOS and Android and desktop via website. Both are free of charge and sync automatically.

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