Ducky Lands $2.7 Million to Empower Customer Support Teams with AI


Ducky, a new AI-powered customer support platform, has secured $2.7 million in pre-seed funding. The company aims to equip customer service agents with the tools they need to excel by leveraging AI and machine learning.

Ducky automatically surfaces relevant information and generates on-brand customer responses, allowing agents to focus on solving complex issues and building strong customer relationships.

“We believe AI should empower human support agents, not replace them,” said James O’Brien, Ducky’s co-founder and COO.

Ducky integrates with various internal knowledge bases and ticketing platforms, including Slack, Notion, JIRA, Help Scout, Zendesk, and more. This eliminates the time-consuming task of searching for information across disparate systems.

The company boasts impressive leadership. Hongbo Tian, Ducky’s CEO, is an expert in AI and machine learning, while James O’Brien brings his experience in scaling SaaS businesses. Investors are impressed by the team’s potential, highlighting their ability to solve a critical pain point for customer support teams.

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