Diligent Robotics Raised $25 Million to Expand Socially-Intelligent Service Robots


Diligent Robotics, a leader in robotic automation for healthcare, has secured $25 million in new financing led by Canaan, with participation from True Ventures, DNX Ventures, Next Coast Ventures, and new strategic investor Northwestern Medicine Innovation. Rich Boyle from Canaan will join the board of directors.

Diligent Robotics is known for its Moxi robot, which acts as a socially-intelligent robot teammate to healthcare professionals, improving operational efficiency within hospitals. Moxi handles tasks like delivering supplies, equipment, medication, and lab deliveries, allowing healthcare teams to focus more on patient care. It also supports programs like Meds to Beds, Just in Time Logistics, and Virtual Nursing.

Currently, Moxi operates in over 22 health systems representing more than 200 hospitals nationwide, with plans to triple its market footprint in the next 24 months. Northwestern Medicine, one of its clients, has deployed Moxi to support clinical staff in automating and scheduling pickups of lab specimens and medications, resulting in positive impacts on staff and workflow.

Diligent Robotics has made significant progress in product development, customer implementation, and manufacturing capacity. It has signed partnerships with healthcare institutions and improved manufacturing, reducing the deployment window for Moxi to less than 30 days on average.

The company also revealed impressive autonomy metrics, including over 400,000 total deliveries and over 200,000 hours returned to staff for patient care. Moxi robots have autonomously opened hundreds of thousands of doors and navigated elevators tens of thousands of times.

With the demand for healthcare staff continuing to exceed available labor, Diligent Robotics aims to help hospitals find efficiencies and return staff to more fulfilling work. Moxi has already been adopted by numerous healthcare systems, demonstrating a positive impact on productivity, patient outcomes, and team morale.

This funding round will enable Diligent Robotics to expand Moxi’s presence in hospitals nationwide, enhance product development, and triple its market reach.

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