Debut Raises Over $40 Million in Additional Series B Funding


Debut, a vertically integrated synthetic biology company specializing in cosmetic bioactive ingredients, has closed more than $40 million in its Series B funding, led by BOLD, the venture capital fund of L’Oréal.

Debut’s proprietary advanced biomanufacturing processes will be utilized to develop bio-identical and novel fragrance molecules, marking a significant shift in the fragrance industry.

“Having successfully scaled biotechnology in skincare, we are now addressing the challenges facing the fragrance industry,” said Joshua Britton, Ph.D., Founder, and CEO of Debut. “Our advanced biomanufacturing processes reconcile the consumer demand for naturalness with the need for sustainability, offering fragrance brands the opportunity to transition to bio-based formulas while preserving olfactive integrity.”

Debut’s biotechnology can replicate the scent signature and characteristics of natural ingredients, including those that are structurally complex and difficult to source. This technology allows fragrance brands to create sustainable, safe, and renewable fragrance molecules, eliminating the extraction of ingredients from the environment.

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