Database gateway startup Quesma raises $2.3M Pre-Seed funding


Database gateway startup Quesma has successfully secured $2.3 million in Pre-Seed funding in a round co-led by Heartcore and Inovo. Founded by observability industry veterans Jacek Migdal and Pawel Brzoska, Quesma aims to revolutionize application development and database connectivity to accelerate innovation.

The company’s inaugural product addresses challenges associated with the ELK stack (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana), particularly focusing on enhancing the agility of customers grappling with database-related issues. Migdal emphasizes that database outages hinder innovation, prompting conservative approaches that impede progress. Quesma seeks to overturn this trend by enabling companies to leverage data effectively for a competitive edge.

Jacek Migdal, Quesma’s CEO, noted, “Companies often grapple with legacy maintenance, inappropriate tools, and data cleaning instead of generating business value. We want to change that narrative by making data ready for agile innovation and eliminating the pitfalls of lengthy and costly enterprise data migrations.”

Acknowledging the shortcomings of existing databases, Quesma plans to introduce a groundbreaking database gateway in 2024. This gateway, comparable to breaking a monolith into microservices, will empower Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) to seamlessly switch between applications and databases, ensuring the future-proofing of the entire stack.

Quesma’s first release will provide flexibility to the ElasticSearch/OpenSearch interface and will be launched as an open-core product, allowing universal accessibility. While Heartcore and Inovo co-led the recent investment, an angel round is still pending.

Christian Jepsen, Partner at Heartcore, expressed enthusiasm about joining Quesma on its transformative journey, praising the founders’ exciting technology vision and their ability to assemble a formidable team. Inovo’s Partner, Tomek Swieboda, echoed this sentiment, highlighting Quesma’s alignment with their mission to support ventures redefining industries and commending the founders’ unique blend of experience and skills.

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