Cyber Security Startup Hushmesh Raises $5.2M Funding


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Hushmesh, a cyber security start-up, has successfully raised $5.2 million in an early stage financing round led by Paladin Capital Group, a cyber and advanced technologies investor, with participation from Akamai Technologies. The funding will be used to develop the Mesh, a global information space with automated security, aiming to make online operations safe https://www.hushmesh.com/from malicious attacks and data breaches.

The Mesh automates encryption key management for individuals and entities, providing an unlimited number of keys to secure personal or entity data. It encrypts all data at the source, eliminates human insiders, and unites identifiers, aliases, keys, and encrypted data cryptographically. By eliminating the vulnerability of knowledge-based credentials like passwords and having no database to attack, the Mesh aims to end identity theft, prevent data breaches, and eliminate fakes and fraud.

Unlike the traditional web, the Mesh is built on a globally attested, physically decentralized network of Confidential Computing machines. Instead of relying on the Domain Name System (DNS), it uses the “Universal Name System” (UNS), which automates end-to-end cryptography between any two individuals or non-person entities. This approach aims to provide universal trust, authenticity, confidentiality, and privacy by default to all participants.

Hushmesh’s founder and CEO, Manu Fontaine, explained that the Mesh addresses foundational security flaws of the traditional web, ensuring that it is secured by design with automated cryptography. The company is currently collaborating with AMI, a leader in dynamic firmware for worldwide computing, and other early design partners to implement the Mesh for authentic data transfer, securing critical updates across the global firmware supply chain.

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