ConductorOne Raises Series A Funding to $27M, Unveils Identity Security Platform


ConductorOne, a trailblazer in identity security and access governance, has announced an impressive $12 million expansion of its Series A funding, with Felicis at the helm. Building upon its remarkable growth trajectory since the initial Series A announcement in June 2022, ConductorOne now stands as the backbone for access management for a host of distinguished clientele, including DigitalOcean, Ramp, Loom, Panther, DeepWatch, and more.

These enterprises harness ConductorOne’s prowess to seamlessly automate and orchestrate user access to cloud applications and infrastructure, encompassing access reviews, self-service requests, just-in-time provisioning, and offboarding workflows. The fresh infusion of capital is earmarked to galvanize the company’s growth endeavors, aimed at ushering a modern renaissance in the Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) realms, specifically tailored for cloud-forward enterprises.

Conventional IGA and PAM solutions, plagued by their inability to keep pace with the cloud era, have left contemporary organizations grappling with labyrinthine implementation, lackluster user experiences, and sluggish time-to-value. This state of affairs has relegated IT and security teams to a perpetual struggle to uphold compliance and security standards.

Inundated with access request tickets and manual provisioning, IT teams grapple, while security personnel battle an ever-expanding attack surface characterized by persistent permissions. The tenet of least privilege, widely heralded as a security paragon, has remained elusive without a paradigm shift. Herein lies ConductorOne’s ingenious proposition: guiding, automating, and orchestrating access controls to assert the supremacy of least privilege.

The extended Series A funding, led by Felicis, witnesses the participation of a constellation of distinguished angel investors. Notable names include Travis McPeak (CEO and founder at Resourcely), Anna Westelius (Director of Security Engineering at Netflix), Jason Chan (Head of InfoSec at Netflix), Mark Hillick (Head of Security at Brex), Rohit Parchuri (CISO at Yext), Will Bengtson (Senior Director of Security Engineering at HashiCorp), Shubham Raj (Staff Security Engineer at Coinbase), and Tom Alcock (Founder at CodeRed Partners).

This formidable lineup of investors brings a tapestry of expertise and resources, poised to fortify ConductorOne’s position as a vanguard in the market.

In lockstep with this development, ConductorOne has unveiled its Cloud Privileged Access Management (CPAM) solution –– an epoch-making stride in its ongoing quest to fortify workforce identity and access. Through ConductorOne CPAM, security engineering and IT teams wield the power to govern permissions and enforce policies across cloud resources, thereby achieving the coveted mantle of least privilege access.

This powerful capability, seamlessly integrated within ConductorOne’s unified platform, empowers meticulous oversight of sensitive access to cloud infrastructure systems, encompassing AWS, GCP, Azure, Snowflake, without encumbering the workflow of technical users.

Investors and patrons have hailed ConductorOne’s transformative impact:

“ConductorOne is building a multi-product platform that delivers just that – least privilege access with a seamless user experience powered by automation,” observes Jake Storm, Partner at Felicis.

Heather Cannon, Infrastructure Security Manager at DigitalOcean, lauds ConductorOne’s innovative approach, stating, “ConductorOne is innovating in an area underserved by the technology industry, and solving problems a lot of teams have to do manually. That has a really big value for DigitalOcean.”

Paul Yoo, Head of Security Assurance at Ramp, underscores ConductorOne’s collaborative prowess, affirming, “The fewer people who have access to customer data and the less time they have to access that data, the more that our customers can trust that their data is secure. We found that ConductorOne is willing to collaborate with us and help us solve some of our most difficult challenges when it comes to access management across the company.”

As ConductorOne embarks on this chapter of expansion, it stands poised to redefine access governance and security in the age of cloud-centric enterprises.

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