Codesphere Raises $18M in Series A Funding to Enhance DIY Software Development


Codesphere, a software provider specializing in customizable cloud services for developers, has successfully raised $18 million in a Series A funding round led by Creandum.

This investment will enable Codesphere to expand its services, focusing on cost efficiency for large language models (LLMs) and improving collaboration among developer teams.

Headquartered in Germany and comprising former Google developers, Codesphere has already secured $26.5 million from previous investments. Investors include Creandum, 468, 42CAP, and notable individuals such as Ben Uretsky (Digital Ocean), Auke van Urk (Valtech), Ewa Treitz (AWS), and Dion Almaer (Google Cloud). Codesphere collaborates with organizations like Staatsbank Baden-Württemberg (L-Bank),, Arkane, Gigabyte, and Eurotours.

Codesphere’s mission is to significantly reduce infrastructure costs and streamline the self-service development process. Recently, the company introduced “air-gapped” and “on-prem” service options, allowing companies to use their applications without internet connectivity and host them on their servers. This feature is particularly crucial for critical infrastructure. In response to VMware’s price increase and license model change earlier this year, many international companies have turned to Codesphere’s Karlsruhe-based services rather than traditional Silicon Valley solutions.

Nino Messaoud, CIO of L-Bank, highlighted the strategic importance of Codesphere’s integration: “Codesphere’s integration is part of our transformation strategy, accelerating our goal to become the most digital development bank in Europe.” Other notable customers include, Arkane, Gigabyte, and Eurotours.

Carl Fritjofsson, General Partner at Creandum, expressed his enthusiasm for Codesphere: “Codesphere is one of those incredible opportunities with almost unlimited upside. It caters to traditional enterprises looking for cost-effective ways to modernize their IT stack and development processes, to modern software companies looking for scalability, as well as personal hobby developers in need of simplicity and speed.”

With this new funding, Codesphere is poised to continue its growth trajectory, offering innovative and cost-effective solutions that cater to a diverse range of customers, from large enterprises to individual developers.

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