ChainML Raises $6.2m in Seed Extension


ChainML, a pioneering AI and ML development and research lab based in Silicon Valley, has secured $6.2 million in seed extension funding for its groundbreaking project, Theoriq, a revolutionary Agentic Base Layer.

The funding round, structured as equity with token warrants, was spearheaded by Hack VC, with notable contributions from Foresight Ventures, Inception Capital, HTX Ventures, Figment Capital, Hypersphere Ventures, and Alumni Ventures.

The infusion of capital will fuel ChainML’s ambitious development efforts, particularly focused on advancing Theoriq—a cutting-edge AI platform rooted in principles of social evolution and fortified with blockchain technology. The platform aims to establish the groundwork for continuously improving, community-governed AI systems.

Under the leadership of CEO Ron Bodkin, ChainML is pioneering the development of Theoriq, boasting several key features:

  1. Agentic Primitives: These fundamental elements within the ecosystem facilitate autonomous interactions, embodying roles, behaviors, and functions crucial for an agent’s independent operation within its environment.
  2. Modular Composability: This feature empowers developers to craft tailored AI solutions that can be combined and recombined to create sophisticated systems capable of evolving and adapting over time.
  3. Community Permissioned Governance: Ensuring decision-making authority is vested in a diverse group of community stakeholders who actively contribute to and provide feedback on the quality of AI agents. This ensures that the technology aligns with collective goals and values.

Ron Bodkin expressed his enthusiasm regarding the funding news, stating, “With Theoriq, we’re not just launching a product—we’re spearheading a movement towards a transparent, community-governed AI ecosystem. HTX Ventures’ support will be instrumental as we unlock new potentials for AI integration within the decentralized space.”

As ChainML continues to push the boundaries of AI innovation and community-driven governance, Theoriq stands as a beacon for the future of transparent and ethical AI ecosystems, poised to revolutionize the industry.

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