Ceartas raises $4.5M to detect AI-generated content


Ceartas, a Dublin-based startup specializing in anti-piracy measures, has successfully raised $4.5 million in a Seed round, building upon its previous funding efforts in 2021.

The core of Ceartas’ platform lies in its ability to de-index pirated content and issue legal notices, resulting in a substantial reduction of visibility on Google by 98%, with an impressive overall content removal rate of 99% across various search engines and other sources. Additionally, Ceartas offers advanced detection capabilities for deepfakes and other forms of unauthorized copyright infringement generated through AI technology.

Notably, Ceartas serves as the official safety partner of OnlyFans and the brand protection partner of Fanfix, collaborating with these platforms to safeguard digital content and intellectual property in today’s digital economy landscape.

The recent funding round saw participation from notable investors including Earlybird Venture Capital, Upside VC, and several angel investors. This injection of capital enables Ceartas to further enhance its tailored anti-piracy solutions, catering to a wide range of sectors and effectively addressing the growing sophistication of digital threats.

Dan Purcell, Co-founder and CEO of Ceartas, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s pivotal role in combating modern challenges such as piracy, copyright infringements, deepfakes, and disinformation. Through the utilization of AI technology, Ceartas remains at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to mitigate these complex issues.

Purcell emphasized Ceartas’ commitment to supporting content creators and expanding its enterprise solutions to meet the evolving needs of industry leaders. Looking ahead, the company remains optimistic about its ability to safeguard the digital landscape against the ever-evolving threats of digital theft, abuse, and misuse.

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