CAST AI Raised $20.1M Funding Round



CAST AI, a cloud optimization platform that uses AI-driven optimization to reduce cloud costs, optimize DevOps, and automate disaster recovery, has raised $20.1 million in a recent funding round of Series Unknown. The round was announced on March 1, 2023, and the investor has not been disclosed.

CAST AI is focused on delivering a cost-efficient, high-performing, and resilient infrastructure for every Kubernetes workload. Its intelligent optimization engine applies cluster changes based on real-time workload conditions, selects the most cost-effective instance types, and bin-packs pods for maximum utilization.

CAST AI also sets pod scaling parameters to achieve optimal application performance while maximizing cost savings. It provides an opinionated Kubernetes implementation that hides infrastructure complexities with automation, enabling DevOps engineers to focus on higher-order cloud-native abstractions and concepts.

CAST AI also offers services for in-cluster observability and built-in security. The platform’s Disaster Avoidance strategy based on cloud neutrality and multi-cloud capabilities protects workloads against downtime, while a custom multi-cloud networking layer supports the technology.

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