Casa Shares Raises $1.5M in Pre-Seed Funding to Democratize Real Estate Investing for Future Generations


Casa Shares, a pioneering platform founded by Mirza Beg and McKay Francis, has secured $1.5 million in pre-seed funding to revolutionize real estate investing for future generations. The company simplifies the investment process, allowing users to acquire shares in prime income properties quickly and effortlessly. Beyond providing a platform, Casa Shares manages properties, offering investors the opportunity to earn passive income and benefit from property appreciation without the typical challenges associated with real estate investment.

The debut of Casa Shares comes at a time of remarkable growth in the real estate market, projected to surge from $10.7 billion in 2024 to $300.7 billion by 2032, driven by societal trends favoring convenience, diversified assets, and location flexibility. CEO and co-founder Mirza Beg emphasizes the significant problem of younger generations being excluded from real estate wealth-building due to soaring property prices. Casa Shares aims to break down these barriers, providing an inclusive investment experience accessible to all.

With recent fluctuations in crypto and equity markets underscoring the demand for stable, inflation-resistant investment options, real estate has emerged as a coveted alternative. However, high entry costs remain a deterrent for many, particularly first-time investors. Casa Shares is committed to democratizing real estate investment, making it feasible for millions without the necessary funds, time, or expertise to venture into property investment independently.

Casa Shares has already introduced its first offering, The Lorene, a premium condominium located in Rexburg, Idaho—a rapidly growing college town and home to Brigham Young University – Idaho. Looking ahead, the company plans to expand its portfolio with diverse properties and locations, while also developing an iOS app to enhance the investment experience.

The pre-seed funding round was raised by a group of private investors who share Casa Shares’ vision of creating an inclusive real estate investing ecosystem for future generations. With this support, Casa Shares is poised to disrupt the traditional real estate investment landscape and empower individuals of all backgrounds to participate in wealth-building opportunities.

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