Carbonfact raised $15M Series A to propel emissions monitoring software for fashion industry


Carbonfact, an esteemed YCombinator alumnus, has successfully raised a $15 million Series A funding round to bolster its automated carbon management software. Tailored specifically for the fashion industry, Carbonfact’s innovative platform aims to revolutionize emissions monitoring, reduction, and disclosure processes, aligning with upcoming regulatory standards such as the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Evaluating carbon emissions within the fashion sector presents a formidable challenge, given the intricate and multi-faceted nature of supply chains. To accurately assess the environmental footprint of a single garment, more than 100 data points, including weight, origin, and energy consumption during manufacturing, are required. Carbonfact’s software streamlines this complex task by cleansing and analyzing companies’ data, leveraging machine learning algorithms to fill in missing details and generate reliable emission calculations, even with incomplete datasets.

The $15 million Series A funding, spearheaded by European VC Alven, marks a significant milestone for Carbonfact, building on the foundation laid by its earlier Seed round led by Alven in mid-2022. Joining the investment is global VC firm Headline, whose endorsement further underscores Carbonfact’s leadership position in addressing the sustainability challenges of the fashion industry. Notably, Y Combinator reaffirms its confidence in Carbonfact’s potential by participating in this funding round, following the company’s graduation from its 2021 cohort.

Bartosz Jakubowski, Partner at Alven, expressed confidence in Carbonfact’s trajectory, emphasizing the critical role of vertical and product-centric Carbon Management Platforms in shaping the future of sustainability efforts. Jonathan Userovici, General Partner at Headline, highlighted the profound impact of the fashion industry on global emissions and commended Carbonfact’s comprehensive solution for navigating increasingly intricate supply chains.

Carbonfact’s platform not only empowers fashion brands to identify emission-intensive manufacturing processes but also facilitates the development of tailored reduction plans and automatic generation of reports for carbon disclosure. The platform’s efficacy has been lauded by its customers, who have experienced tangible benefits such as improved lending rates and sustainability incentives, underscoring its value proposition within the industry.

With this latest funding infusion, Carbonfact is poised to scale its operations and further solidify its position as the premier emissions monitoring solution provider for the fashion industry. As regulatory pressures and consumer demands for sustainable practices continue to mount, Carbonfact remains at the forefront of driving meaningful change and fostering a more environmentally responsible fashion ecosystem.

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