Caban Systems Raises $51M Series B


Caban Systems has raised $51 million to pursue its global expansion strategy. BCP Ventures led the Series B investment, including participation from Ontario Power Generation Pension Fund, Ember Infrastructure, Portfolia, and Inspiration Ventures.

Caban provides comprehensive energy solutions that help to decarbonize and upgrade essential infrastructure. The company situated in the United States has pioneered a turnkey solution that incorporates its patented lithium-ion energy storage technology, intelligent remote monitoring software, and integrated Energy-as-a-Service offering.

Caban, founded in 2018 by Alexandra Rasch Castillo and Brian Pevear, has first showed success as an alternative energy solution for the Americas telecoms industry. Caban’s technology has now reached a critical juncture in its development to satisfy sustainable energy needs in important infrastructure sectors. Caban will be able to develop domestic battery manufacturing capacity, broaden its product and service offerings, and expand into worldwide markets with the new capital.
Caban technology is used by several of the world’s top telecommunications firms to minimize carbon emissions, save operational costs, and improve power reliability. Caban solutions power over 500 customer locations in ten countries, with over 1,400 more sites under contract.

As of November 2022, Caban has supplied 1,217 MWh of renewable energy, helping its customers avoid more than 8,400 metric tons of carbon emissions. Caban’s solutions dramatically reduce diesel consumption and grid dependency, reducing site operating costs between 40 to 70 percent on average.

Caban Systems, Inc. is a renewable energy services company that offers end-to-end solutions for critical infrastructure, including some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. Pioneering a best-in-class intelligent energy storage platform, Caban delivers modern solutions that substantially reduce operational expenses and increase uptime. Caban is accelerating the shift to renewable energy for critical infrastructure, starting with the telecommunications industry, by providing access to affordable, reliable, and renewably sourced power.

BCP Ventures invests in technology innovation that reinvents the most foundational parts of our society for sustainability and efficiency.

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