Bricklayer AI Announces $2.5M Pre-Seed Round


Bricklayer AI has announced a significant pre-seed investment of $2.5 million aimed at advancing the development of its groundbreaking autonomous AI security analyst solution. The round, which was oversubscribed, saw participation from key investors including Sovereign’s Capital, Dreamit Ventures, VIPC’s Virginia Venture Partners, BlueWing Ventures, Blu Ventures, and prominent leaders within the cybersecurity industry.

The core innovation of Bricklayer AI lies in its creation of the first autonomous security platform that harnesses the collaborative power of multiple AI agents. These agents form a cohesive team of AI specialists that work alongside human counterparts, enhancing the speed and efficiency of cybersecurity operations. By emulating the collaborative dynamics of human teams, Bricklayer AI seamlessly integrates its specialists, tools, and procedures into existing organizational structures, streamlining processes and optimizing technology utilization.

“Bricklayer AI, as part of its customer work, was used by enterprise customers and MSSPs alike and received overwhelmingly positive feedback that AI Analysts in the cybersecurity domain would lead to dramatic improvements in security operations. This, coupled with Adam’s [Bricklayer AI CEO] expertise in cybersecurity and his experience building enterprise software companies and prior success at ThreatConnect, was what excited us to invest,” said Tanuj Gulati, Founder and former CTO of Securonix, Strategic Advisor at Dreamit Ventures.

Bricklayer AI’s solution is not merely an auxiliary tool; rather, it has been engineered with an autonomous agent vision from its inception. Human security operations center (SOC) teams leverage Bricklayer AI to select AI specialists, equip them with AI tools, create tasks, and execute procedures—all of which can be automated at scale. While human analysts retain control, the true operational advantage arises from automating workflows and scaling the security workforce exponentially.

Adam Vincent, Founder and CEO of Bricklayer AI, brings a wealth of experience as a cybersecurity expert and previous founder of ThreatConnect. With Bricklayer AI, Vincent envisions the next evolution of automation and intelligence, addressing the critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals by empowering teams with purposefully trained AI analysts.

“There are simply too few cybersecurity professionals to meet the demand of today’s threats. Human teams have an insurmountable challenge by themselves. Adding AI analysts that are purposefully trained to automate time-consuming tasks is the best way to solve for the hiring dilemma. Teams can grow—and become more effective—on day 1 of implementing Bricklayer,” stated Adam Vincent.

Unlike conventional technology platforms that require extensive mapping of people and processes, Bricklayer AI seamlessly augments existing human teams across diverse processes and technologies. Leveraging a proprietary approach to assimilating knowledge and executing autonomous agent planning, Bricklayer AI offers seamless integration with existing enterprise software through out-of-the-box and customer-created plugins.

The funds raised in this round will be directed towards further product development, enabling Bricklayer AI to continue its mission of revolutionizing cybersecurity operations. Organizations interested in early access to Bricklayer AI can request it through the provided link.

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