Blooming Health Raises $4.2M to Power Healthy Aging-In-Place


Blooming Health, a digital engagement and referral platform aimed at helping service providers connect with older adults and their families, has successfully raised $4.2 million in a seed funding round, which was oversubscribed. The funding was led by investors like Afore Capital and Crossbeam Venture Partners, with additional contributions from Chelsea Clinton’s Metrodora and angel investor Evan Moore, co-founder of DoorDash.

Blooming Health offers an inclusive solution that empowers community-based aging care providers with technology to remotely engage and address the social needs of tens of thousands of older adults and caregiver clients. It does this across various communication channels, including text, voice calls, emails, and supports over 30 languages.

The platform incorporates AI, automation, and advanced data analytics to proactively address the needs of older adults, including wellness check-ins and detecting needs related to nutrition access, transportation, emergency preparedness, and follow-ups on the outcome of services provided.

This technology aims to make a significant impact in the aging economy by helping older adults receive the daily social, healthcare, and financial support and services they need to live healthier and more independently in their communities. The ultimate goal is to reduce healthcare and long-term care costs.

Blooming Health currently operates in New York, Arizona, Texas, and California, where care providers have seen a three-fold increase in clients’ social engagement while saving 15 hours per week for staff using the platform. The company plans to expand operations to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, with the aim of reaching one million older adults by the end of 2024.

As the aging population continues to grow, technology will play a crucial role in supporting aging service providers and local government officials in managing the needs of older adults more effectively. The impact of Blooming Health’s platform is already visible through increased utilization of social programs among its community and government clients, and the company aims to scale this impact nationwide.

Blooming Health’s platform helps create a more connected ecosystem for stakeholders involved in providing services to older adults, contributing to a future where aging is accompanied by dignity, support, and a thriving sense of community.

The company has partnered with organizations such as Catholic Charities, Area Agencies for Aging (AAAs), the NY State Office for Aging (NYSOFA), Oak Street Health, and the AARP Foundation to support its mission.

This seed funding round will further accelerate Blooming Health’s growth and the impact of its innovative platform on the aging care industry.

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