BiomeSense Secures $3 Million in Oversubscribed Funding Round


BiomeSense, a biotech company at the forefront of unlocking the health benefits of the microbiome through innovative “smart bathroom” hardware technology and advanced bioinformatics, announced the successful closure of an oversubscribed $3 million funding round. Bluestein Ventures led the financing, with new investor Harvest Ridge Capital and existing investors SOSV and Seerave Foundation also participating, demonstrating their continued confidence in BiomeSense’s mission. The funds raised will support the company’s upcoming commercial launch, expected within the year.

BiomeSense is dedicated to developing the first specialized tools that fully unlock the potential of microbiome precision medicine. While the microbiome’s potential to enhance human health has garnered significant interest, its complex nature and the lack of effective measurement tools have hindered comprehensive understanding, leaving much of its scientific and commercial promise untapped—until now.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, BiomeSense has developed revolutionary “smart bathroom” technology called GutLab, along with a bioinformatics platform called MetaBiome. These innovations make it not only possible but also cost-effective to generate and analyze large-scale, time-series microbiome datasets. The company is collaborating with leading scientists to deploy the platform across various clinical studies, aiming to create the industry’s first curated time-series microbiome database. This groundbreaking resource will set new standards for microbiome precision medicine, from fundamental research to commercial product development.

Kevin Honaker, Co-Founder and CEO of BiomeSense, highlighted the microbiome’s critical role in overall health and wellness, including its ability to predict an individual’s response to specific medications and assist patients in managing conditions like diabetes or celiac disease. He noted, “Despite knowing the existence of these possibilities, data barriers have hindered the industry from fully harnessing the microbiome’s potential. Thanks to the confidence of our funders, we can now launch our technology and unlock the full promise of microbiome precision medicine.”

BiomeSense’s groundbreaking technology enables continuous microbiome tracking, even from the comfort of one’s home, providing unprecedented insights into day-to-day fluctuations. Honaker emphasized, “The comprehensive data we can collect is currently not possible with existing solutions on the market. BiomeSense’s innovative tools are paving the way for a future where microbiome tracking becomes an integral part of individuals’ daily routines, significantly improving health insights and outcomes.”

Andrew Bluestein, Managing Partner at Bluestein Ventures and a BiomeSense board director, expressed his belief in the company’s vision to unlock personalized nutrition through the gut microbiome. He stated, “As an early investor in BiomeSense, we have always had a deep belief in the company’s vision to unlock personalized nutrition via the gut microbiome. The company has made tremendous progress since our initial investment, and we are proud to support BiomeSense as it enters this critical phase of commercialization. There is a significant measurement gap in the industry, and the expected benefits from BiomeSense’s technology are enormous.”

The funding secured will enable the launch of BiomeSense’s “smart bathroom” technology, GutLab, and further expansion of its bioinformatics platform, including a novel solution for integrating disparate datasets. This industry-first solution in the microbiome field will significantly increase the size and statistical power of analyses performed on the platform. BiomeSense benefits from the expertise of renowned microbiome research expert and Co-Founder, Jack Gilbert, who supports the development of the company’s technology.

With the successful funding round, BiomeSense is poised to revolutionize the field of microbiome precision medicine, providing individuals with invaluable insights into their health and paving the way for personalized nutrition and improved well-being.

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