Avive Solutions Raises $56.5M Funding


Avive Solutions, the pioneer behind the world’s most advanced connected automated external defibrillator (AED), the Avive Connect AEDⓇ, has secured a significant milestone with the closing of a $56.5 million growth equity financing round. Led by Questa Capital, Laerdal Million Lives Fund (LMLF), and Catalyst Health Ventures, with notable participation from RC Capital and Eckuity Capital, this funding round underscores Avive’s commitment to transforming cardiac arrest emergency response nationwide.

The infusion of new capital will be instrumental in propelling Avive’s commercial developments across the United States and bolstering its team with top talent. Additionally, Rik Vandevenne, Managing Partner at RC Capital, has joined Avive’s Board of Directors, further enriching the company’s leadership.

Avive Solutions aims to revolutionize the response to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) through its innovative platform. SCA remains a significant healthcare challenge in the US, claiming over 430,000 lives annually. Avive’s technology addresses the critical need for timely intervention by seamlessly integrating a next-generation AED device with a robust software ecosystem. With survivability decreasing by 7-10% for every minute without a shock from a defibrillator, Avive’s mission is to make AEDs ubiquitous, ensuring they are readily accessible in communities, schools, businesses, and homes.

At the core of Avive’s solution is the Avive Connect AED, a portable handheld device equipped with robust internet connectivity via Cellular, WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth. This connectivity powers Avive’s Intelligent Response Platform™, which drives initiatives like the 4-Minute City™ program. Through strategic partnerships with communities, Avive deploys hundreds of Avive Connect AEDs and integrates them into the 911 and public safety ecosystem, leveraging historical SCA data to optimize response times and maximize patient survival rates.

The transformative impact of Avive’s technology is already evident in forward-thinking communities such as Cumberland County, PA; Jackson, TN; Forsyth County, GA; and Carrollton, TX. By facilitating faster response times and empowering bystanders and emergency responders, Avive is reshaping the landscape of cardiac arrest emergency response.

“The Avive team is revolutionizing Sudden Cardiac Arrest response with their innovative platform that seamlessly integrates a next-generation AED device with a robust software ecosystem,” remarked Rik Vandevenne, Managing Partner at RC Capital. “We believe this will meaningfully move the needle on survivability for patients of all ages, and we are excited to join the board to support the next stage of growth.”

Since the successful launch of the Avive Connect AED in 2023, the company has witnessed tremendous demand and lifesaving impact. With numerous lives already saved, Avive is poised to continue making a profound difference in cardiac arrest emergency response. Through strong investor support and strategic partnerships, Avive looks forward to enabling many more lifesaving stories and driving positive change in communities nationwide.

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