Audere is awarded a $9.35 million grant for its flagship HealthPulse AITM technology


Audere, a global digital health non-profit that develops HealthPulseTM solutions to advance health equity in underserved communities around the world, is celebrating the announcement of funding for the continued development of its flagship HealthPulse AITM technology, which improves the accuracy of RDT use and digitizes RDT data for program reporting.

Audere has received a $9.35 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a long-time supporter of the company’s project development, as well as funding from PATH, FIND, the Aurum Institute, and other global health partners.

Access to timely and reliable monitoring data is one of the most important pillars of efficient infectious disease management, such as malaria. According to studies, the stated test positivity rate for malaria RDTs can be twice as high as what was accurately validated by digital RDT readers.

Incorrect or delayed illness incidence reporting can result in substantial misuse of resources and response efforts by program coordinators. Data digitization at the point of care is gaining popularity as a viable solution since it decreases human errors in data gathering and compilation.

Examples of breakthroughs in this field are emerging to satisfy the goal for the future, but HealthPulse AITM stands out because it

Functions on low- and middle-income countries’ (LMIC) commodity handsets, with no reliance on additional hardware, regulated surroundings, or backgrounds
Adapts to any RDT for any health condition, and is purposefully designed to be RDT-brand neutral.

Uses a human-centered design strategy, which includes co-creation with experts and end-users, to ensure that all products are usability tested and field validated for ease of use.High-accuracy artificial intelligence (AI) models based on computer vision and machine learning are included.

In adversarial, real-world settings, achieves 90-95% accuracy. Allows global health projects to effectively digitize, evaluate, and share RDT results using an open access solution.

Audere is a global digital health NGO that creates HealthPulseTM solutions to improve health equity in underprivileged communities throughout the world. We work at the unusual convergence of global health and high technology, developing advanced, user-friendly software that revolutionizes disease detection and treatment, such as malaria, COVID-19, and HIV.

To deliver HealthPulseTM solutions globally, our varied team of enthusiastic, imaginative minds blends smartphone technology, artificial intelligence, and the best of cloud-based services. Grants and support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, FIND, and other global health partners are used to develop our programs.


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