Attention raises $3.1M, unveiling their AI sales assistant


Attention, the AI-powered sales assistant that assists teams in overcoming inefficiencies at every stage of the sales cycle, announced a $3.1 million funding round led by Eniac Ventures, with participation from Frst, Liquid2 Ventures, Maschmeyer Group Ventures, Ride Ventures, and the founders of Ramp, Level AI, Truework, CBInsights, and Zoi, among others.

Attention raises $3.1 million and unveils the market’s most powerful AI sales assistant.

Anis Bennaceur and Matthias Wickenburg began rival software firms before deciding to join forces and co-found Attention in September 2021. Their unexpected alliance has produced some outstanding achievements. Since its beginning, Attention has assisted various sales teams in optimizing their CRM hygiene, shortening sales cycles, and increasing revenue.

Attention strives to make every sales organization the best version of itself. Every sales organization needs to cope with delayed ramp-up for new sales representatives, while CRM hygiene and deal stagnation are constant pain points for veteran reps. Attention is a fully integrated AI-powered sales assistant that addresses all of these concerns and more.

The most difficult components of sales are streamlined by attention. It automatically populates sales people’ CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot) following calls, providing ideal forecasting insight for C-Suite management, and promptly writes intelligent emails based on talks.

Attention also enables businesses to rapidly and successfully ramp up new salespeople, replicating top selling’ best practices across the entire team. Attention’s embedded AI-powered technology delivers suggestions and real-time responses to prospects’ inquiries during calls, resulting in higher rates of success and closed business for all sales reps.

Attention addresses inefficiencies across the sales cycle, from initial discovery to follow-up communications, freeing up more time for actual selling.

The standard for how sales teams do training and enablement is rising. This round is merely the first stage in the company’s aim to enable sales teams all over the world reach their full potential.

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