Asato Raised $7.5M Seed Funding to Launch Revolutionary Enterprise CIO Copilot


Asato.ai, the innovator behind an AI-powered enterprise Copilot platform, has successfully concluded an oversubscribed seed financing round, amassing an impressive $7.5 million. The funding was co-led by Intel Capital and Lip-Bu Tan, with Shah Capital Partners also contributing, along with notable angel investors such as Amarjit Gill, Ash Bhardwaj, Charlie Giancarlo, and Sanjay Mehrotra. This substantial investment positions Asato to introduce the industry’s inaugural AI-powered enterprise CIO Copilot.

Managing the intricate landscape of IT, cybersecurity, and talent assets within large enterprises has grown exceedingly complex. As the pace of digital transformation quickens, there is an escalating need for holistic solutions that provide real-time visibility, control, and decision orchestration. Asato is rising to this challenge by pioneering a cutting-edge enterprise Copilot platform, leveraging the prowess of AI and knowledge graph technologies.

“We founded Asato with a clear vision to empower enterprise CIOs with unprecedented visibility and the strength of AI to provide actionable insights, ultimately transforming how CIOs manage the business of IT,” said Sundari Mitra, CEO, and co-founder of Asato. “This seed funding not only validates our vision but also provides the resources needed to accelerate the development of our Copilot platform.”

Asato’s leadership team, spearheaded by CEO and co-founder Sundari Mitra, boasts a wealth of experience in steering successful ventures. Sundari, a three-time CEO and technology executive, along with co-founder and COO Anush Mohandass, previously harnessed knowledge graph technologies at NetSpeed Systems to develop virtual twins of silicon chips, forming the cornerstone of Asato’s enterprise Copilot platform.

“We are witnessing a transformative era where AI is reshaping every facet of enterprise operations. Asato’s approach uses AI to go beyond spending optimization by bringing new insights on the impact of IT decisions on operations and the business itself,” remarked Anthony Lin, Managing Partner, and Head of Intel Capital. “We’ve had the pleasure of working with Asato cofounders Sundari and Anush over the years; their track record of innovation instills confidence in Asato’s vision and promise.”

Lip-Bu Tan, Chairman of Walden International and Intel Board Member, expressed confidence in the founding team, stating, “Having closely worked with the founding team over the past 10 years, I have witnessed their remarkable dedication and innovation in action. My continued support for this exceptional team and their vision for Asato is not just an investment; it’s a reflection of my confidence in their ability to reshape the enterprise IT management landscape.”

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