Artisan AI Raises $7.3M Seed Funding Round


Artisan AI, a startup based in San Francisco, California, has successfully closed a Seed funding round, raising $7.3 million. The funding was led by Oliver Jung, with participation from investors like Sequoia Scout, Y Combinator, Soma Capital, BOND Capital, Anu Hariharan, Paul Daverda, Fellow’s Fund, and others.

The company plans to use the funds to expand and develop its operations.

Headed by Jaspar Carmichael-Jack as CEO, Dr. Rupert Dodkins as CTO, and Samantha Stallings as CPO, Artisan AI specializes in creating AI-powered employees and software tailored for enterprise companies. Their goal is to provide autonomous AI employees and a unified platform that replaces the entire SaaS stack, enabling seamless collaboration between humans and AI while eliminating the need for constant context switching within enterprise teams.

Recently, the company launched Version 2 of their platform in early April. This update introduced Level 2 autonomy for AI agents, an advancement from the previous Level 1 version released in February 2023. Unlike Level 1, where human review was required, Level 2 AI agents operate autonomously, crafting and sending emails in various styles without direct human intervention.

Since joining Y Combinator, Artisan AI has experienced significant growth, expanding its team from 3 to 13 employees and onboarding over 100 companies.

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