Armada Raises Over $55M in Seed Funding to Pioneer Edge Computing and Bridge the Global Digital Divide

Armada is committed to its mission of bridging the global digital divide by redefining connectivity, compute, and artificial intelligence (AI).


Today, edge computing innovator Armada emerged from stealth mode, celebrating a significant achievement of raising more than $55 million in seed funding. The round was led by Founders Fund, Lux Capital, Shield Capital, and 8090 Industries, with participation from Felicis, Contrary, Valor Equity Partners, Marlinspike, 137 Ventures, Koch Real Estate Investments, 8VC, and other strategic investors.

Armed with this funding, Armada is committed to its mission of bridging the global digital divide by redefining connectivity, compute, and artificial intelligence (AI). The company envisions unlocking the potential of generative AI, edge computing, and predictive models on a global scale, empowering businesses and communities to leverage their data, irrespective of its origin.

In a world where the majority of enterprise data is predicted to originate at the edge by 2025, Armada aims to provide a decentralized approach through its full-stack infrastructure solution. This solution is deployable both on-premise and on cloud infrastructures, offering optimal edge computing and advanced satellite internet connectivity even in remote regions.

Co-founder and CEO Dan Wright highlighted the transformative potential of AI, emphasizing that while AI is revolutionizing various aspects of life, many parts of the world still lack basic internet access. Armada’s goal is to address this gap and bridge the digital divide.

The funding will propel the development of Armada’s proprietary technology, the Helicity Drive, scalable fusion propulsion engines designed for safer, faster, reusable, and fuel-efficient deep space travel.

Armada introduces the Commander Platform as the central hub for managing all edge operations, encompassing observability and control of Starlink terminals, deployment and management of Galleon data centers, unification of IoT devices, and access to the Armada marketplace for AI applications.

Armada Connect, the dedicated operating system for Starlink and IoT devices, provides businesses with unprecedented control over their deployments, featuring enterprise-grade capabilities for observability, management, and billing. The system is supported by the Commander AI Assistant for real-time contextual alerts and troubleshooting.

Armada Edge serves as the Global Command Center for Galleons, connectivity, AI applications, and IoT assets, featuring ruggedized, mobile, and modular data centers for significant compute and storage capacity. Armada EdgeAI encompasses a range of generative AI, multimodal AI, and real-time machine learning capabilities, tailored for industry-specific applications.

“We are thrilled to add Trae Stephens of Founders Fund and Anduril, Kerem Ozmen of 8090 Industries, and our founding CTO, Pradeep Nair, to our Board of Directors as we tackle this enormous opportunity,” said Jon Runyan, Co-founder, and COO of Armada.

With certifications, strategic partnerships, and SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliance achieved, Armada is poised to extend AI and remote connectivity to every corner of the world through its groundbreaking edge computing platform. Trae Stephens, Partner at Founders Fund, emphasized that Armada’s platform will fundamentally reshape entire industries by pushing the technical boundaries at the edge of what’s possible.

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