Arcane, an AI-powered marketing co-pilot, has raised $5 million in seed funding.


AI marketing co-pilot Arcane has secured $5 million in seed funding to further develop its platform, which aims to streamline and enhance marketing workflows through artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Marketing teams often grapple with challenges stemming from disparate tech stacks and the need to manage large volumes of data across various channels simultaneously.

Arcane addresses these issues by providing marketers with a comprehensive knowledge base that consolidates data, metrics, assets, and targeting parameters into a single platform. The AI co-pilot seamlessly integrates with content, organic, paid, social, and email marketing channels.

It automates routine tasks, offers real-time assessments of campaigns, and provides recommendations for the next steps, thereby saving time, reducing costs, and improving decision-making quality.

Ben Hacking, co-founder and CEO at Arcane, highlighted the company’s mission to augment and automate tasks beyond copy generation. By leveraging advanced AI technologies, including retrieval augmented generation, autonomous agents, and multi-modal models, Arcane aims to capture more of marketers’ repetitive activities, allowing them to focus on higher-impact tasks.

Accel led the funding round, with participation from Cocoa, Firstminute Capital, Kima Ventures, Seedcamp, and angel investors, including Meta’s VP Product for generative AI Connor Hayes, Monzo founder Tom Blomfield, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen, and WeWork President Anthony Yazbeck.

The funding, which includes a previously undisclosed $1 million Pre-Seed round, will be used to expand Arcane’s engineering and data teams and enhance the platform’s AI functionalities ahead of its open beta launch later this year.

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