Ampla $258 Million Credit Facility with Goldman Sachs and Atalaya Capital Management


Ampla, a prominent provider of financial solutions tailored to consumer brands, has announced the successful raise of a substantial $258 million credit warehouse. This credit facility, established in partnership with financial giants Goldman Sachs and Atalaya Capital Management, signifies a significant step forward for Ampla in expanding its all-in-one platform for consumer brands.

Ampla’s CEO and co-founder, Anthony Santomo, emphasized the evolving landscape of consumer brands and how Ampla has adapted to meet the unique requirements of its clients. He highlighted the resilience of modern consumer brands, particularly in their ability to leverage technology to adapt quickly to market changes.

Santomo pointed out that Ampla’s platform offers flexible capital terms combined with cutting-edge digital banking and corporate card products, making it a premier solution for consumer brands seeking to optimize cash flow, enhance financial efficiency, and fuel their growth.

This major financial move comes as Ampla is in the process of diversifying its product offerings to provide a comprehensive suite of financial tools. This suite includes Growth Capital, Digital Banking, Insights, and the newly introduced Visa Corporate Card. Ampla has recently achieved significant milestones, boasting over $1.5 billion in originations and processing an impressive run-rate of $6.0 billion in transactions through its platform.

Atalaya Capital Management, a key partner in this credit facility, expressed its enthusiasm for supporting Ampla’s mission to offer a full suite of customer-focused financial solutions to consumer brands. This financing will enable Ampla to further strengthen its position as a market leader in the consumer brand ecosystem.

Ampla’s growth strategy revolves around launching complementary products that streamline operations for consumer brands at different stages of their business lifecycle. By introducing these new products strategically, Ampla aims to enhance the success prospects of consumer brands. Among the rapidly growing brands that already benefit from Ampla’s platform are Carbone Fine Foods, CUTS, and Serenity Kids.

Ampla’s achievement of securing a $258 million credit facility with the backing of industry giants Goldman Sachs and Atalaya Capital Management marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. It underlines Ampla’s commitment to delivering innovative financial solutions that empower consumer brands to thrive in an ever-evolving market. As Ampla continues to expand its suite of financial tools and strengthen its market presence, it is poised to play a pivotal role in the growth and success of consumer brands across various industries.

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