Amnesia’s Highlyte Announces Nearly $1 Million in Seed Funding to Expand Cannabis Content Compliance Reach


Highlyte by Amnesia, the first AI-powered cannabis marketing compliance platform, announced today that it has received a $1 million initial investment from pioneering cannabis venture capital firms Poseidon Investment Management, Argonautic Ventures, JourneyOne Ventures, and other angel investors.Because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, social media platforms prohibit much cannabis message and strictly examine cannabis marketing content.

Meanwhile, states provide a befuddling maze of various regulations governing cannabis content and promotion. AMNESIA’s Highlyte notifies cannabis businesses to potentially non-compliant text, photos, and video before each posting goes live.

The platform also reduces risk by guarding against potentially catastrophic account deactivations and “shadowban” activities that can be financially ruinous.

Highlyte by AMNESIA fosters a culture of responsibility and safety for cannabis brands and the broader industry by assisting cannabis companies in maintaining strict compliance with state rules and social media restrictions.

Highlyte can help cannabis marketers reduce their risk of deplatforming or regulatory fines from start to finish. I’m thrilled that our investors will be joining us in assisting cannabis brands and marketers in developing compelling and compliant content, said Highlyte Founder and CEO Courtney Wu.

Highlyte, created by regulatory compliance experts from the digital gaming industry, enables cannabis brands to navigate the complex world of cannabis marketing compliance and avoid potentially crippling penalties—and even cannabis license revocation—from unintentional marketing content missteps.

Highlyte by Amnesia was founded in 2021 by regulatory industry specialists to provide the first artificial intelligence-driven platform for applying current advertising and marketing regulation compliance knowledge to cannabis brands and professionals.

The software creates on-demand and comprehensive compliance customisable content reports by analyzing photos, videos, text, and audio for cannabis compliance risk indicators.

Highlyte by Amnesia, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, provides the most dependable and accurate content compliance services accessible anywhere to businesses driving the culture and future of the quickly changing regulated cannabis market. Highlyte by Amnesia has more information.



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