Alltrna Embarks on Major Advancement with $109M Series B Funding for Groundbreaking tRNA Medicines

With this significant funding injection, Alltrna is poised to transform the landscape of genetic medicine.


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Alltrna, an inventive venture under Flagship Pioneering, has achieved a significant milestone by securing $109 million in a Series B funding round. The primary focus of this substantial investment is to expedite the development of pioneering tRNA medicines, with the initial target being to Stop Codon Disease.

Notable participants in this funding round include Alltrna’s founder, Flagship Pioneering, alongside a consortium of distinguished top-tier investors.

The core of Alltrna’s groundbreaking approach revolves around the ingenious utilization of transfer RNA (tRNA). Through optimizing tRNA nucleotide sequences and modifications, the company is forging programmable medicines with unprecedented therapeutic potential. The CEO of Alltrna and CEO-Partner of Flagship Pioneering, Michelle C. Werner, underscores the transformative nature of this advancement, stating, “Our platform empowers us to universally treat Stop Codon Disease, offering a glimmer of hope to countless patients afflicted by rare and common human diseases.”

The implications of this breakthrough extend far beyond the funding itself. Lovisa Afzelius, Ph.D., MBA, Origination Partner at Flagship Pioneering and Co-Founder of Alltrna, emphasizes that the company’s platform is poised to revolutionize the field. It systematically designs and delivers pioneering tRNA medicines, addressing a spectrum of diseases driven by the same underlying genetic mutation.

The foundation of Alltrna’s approach is the remarkable versatility of tRNA. These molecules facilitate protein translation and exhibit programmable characteristics due to their diverse sequences and modifications. This intricate biology paves the way for novel therapeutic strategies. Alltrna’s proprietary machine-learning tools harness this potential, enabling the creation of engineered, modified tRNA oligonucleotides with heightened potency and activity. These molecules can potentially restore disrupted protein production, a game-changing approach in combating genetically driven diseases.

Stop Codon Disease, characterized by premature termination codons (PTC) or nonsense mutations, affects millions worldwide. Alltrna is engineering tRNA medicines capable of reading these mutations and restoring the production of full-length proteins, offering renewed hope to patients battling these challenging conditions.

With this significant funding injection, Alltrna is poised to transform the landscape of genetic medicine. The convergence of cutting-edge science and innovative investment underscores the company’s commitment to rewriting the narrative of genetic diseases and paving the way for a more promising future.

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