Allocate Raises $10 Million in Strategic Capital to Modernize Venture Capital Investment


Allocate, a platform that streamlines private investment management and provides curated access and portfolio transparency for investors, has closed a $10 million financing round. This brings the total capital raised since its launch in July 2021 to $33.5 million.

The funding round included Gopher Asset US, an affiliate of Noah Holdings International, Intera Investments, M13 Ventures, and several prominent family offices.

Allocate aims to modernize venture capital investment by offering investors curated access to the asset class with improved transparency. Since its Q4 2021 launch, over 600 active RIAs and family offices have deployed nearly $500 million through the Allocate platform across 58 manager strategies.

Samir Kaji, CEO & Co-Founder of Allocate, commented on the new capital, stating, “This new capital bolsters our balance sheet to allow us to further accelerate our vision of modernizing investment into venture capital by granting investors a previously unavailable level of curated access and portfolio transparency.”

Allocate has made key hires, including Nic Millikan, former Deputy Chief Investment Officer at CAZ Investments and Head of Investment Strategy at CAIS, who will lead Family Office solutions. Peter Epstein and Gregory Rollins, both with extensive experience in alternative investments at firms like JP Morgan and iCapital Network, have joined as part of Allocate’s relationship management team for Private Banks and Wealth Advisory firms.

Venture capital investing has gained significant interest among non-institutional investors, but tools and services for responsible investment in the asset class have historically been limited. Allocate aims to address this gap by providing an accessible, transparent, and liquid platform for venture capital investing.

Alternative investments, particularly venture capital, are becoming increasingly important components of individual client portfolios, offering the potential for improved performance and reduced volatility amid market uncertainty. However, non-institutional investors often lack the necessary tools and education for effective venture capital investment decision-making.

Allocate’s platform is designed to bridge this gap and make venture investing more accessible, transparent, and efficient for a broader range of investors.

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