AI-powered feedback management platform Magic Feedback raises €1.2 M


Copenhagen-based AI startup, Magic Feedback, has successfully secured €1.2 million in funding for its innovative feedback management platform. Founded in 2023 by former Google employees Nima Vali Rajabi and Francisco Arias, the platform utilizes proprietary machine learning models to automatically unify and categorize user feedback, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual analysis.

Nima Vali Rajabi, the CEO and co-founder of Magic Feedback, highlighted the common challenge faced by product teams in handling scattered feedback, hindering efficient decision-making. The platform aims to streamline this process by providing a centralized solution for understanding user needs and problems.

Differentiating itself from widely-used LLM models like ChatGPT, Magic Feedback has opted for its own proprietary machine-learning models. Francisco Arias, the CTO and Co-Founder, cited significant error rates and privacy concerns associated with popular models, leading to the decision to develop their own in August.

Since its official launch in September, Magic Feedback has introduced various offerings, including AI-powered feedback surveys, forms, and a search engine. The recent funding round of €1.2 million was led by Maki VC, with individual backing from angel investor Geeta Schmidt, former CEO and co-founder of Humio.

Geeta Schmidt praised Magic Feedback’s commitment to their vision, expressing confidence that Nima and Fran are well-positioned to make a positive impact on internet products. The funding will likely contribute to further development and expansion of Magic Feedback’s capabilities in the dynamic field of AI-driven feedback management.

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