Aembit Raises $16.6M in Total Funding to Bring Identity-First Security to Workloads

Co-Founders Kevin Sapp and David Goldschlag


Aembit, an identity platform that enables DevOps and Security teams to discover, manage, enforce, and audit access between federated workloads, announced its official launch alongside $16.6M in seed funding from cybersecurity specialists Ballistic Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures. The company was recently named a Cool Vendor in the Gartner® Cool VendorsTM in Identity-First Security report for 20221. Aembit assists businesses in applying a zero trust security framework to workload access, similar to existing solutions for workforce access, by providing seamless and secure access from workloads to the services on which businesses rely, such as APIs, databases, and cloud resources.

In the last decade, application architecture has evolved dramatically. Previously monolithic and standalone applications, APIs, databases, SaaS services, and partner workloads are now distributed globally. DevOps and security teams face the difficult challenge of scaling secure access, giving security teams visibility, and ensuring developers can focus on building business-critical functionality as applications become more distributed and complex. Inadequate workload identity, access, and privilege management is a major source of security breaches. The recent T-Mobile breach, in which data associated with 37 million customer accounts was stolen via an exploited API, and the recent CircleCI breach, in which a system breach prompted the company to urge its customers to rotate their secrets, are two relevant examples.

Aembit solves the problem of secure access between workloads by providing a cloud-based platform that is simple for DevOps and Security teams to deploy and simple for developers to use, allowing teams to focus on access rather than secrets. Aembit’s innovative approach simplifies secure access for developers by leveraging new techniques such as secretless authentication and credential providers, as well as no-code integrations.

Aembit is the Workload Identity Platform that lets DevOps and Security teams discover, manage, enforce, and audit access between workloads. Aembit provides seamless and secure access from your workloads to the services they depend on, like APIs, databases, and cloud resources, while simplifying application development and delivery.

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