Advanced NanoTherapies Secures $4M Investment for Clinical Development of SirPlux Duo Drug-Coated Balloon


Advanced NanoTherapies, a clinical-stage medical device company specializing in nanotechnology applications for vascular disease treatment, has announced a $4 million Series A extension investment from an undisclosed strategic medical device company. This funding will support ANT’s clinical programs and expedite the regulatory approval process for their next-generation SirPlux Duo Drug-Coated Balloon (DCB).

ANT’s ADVANCE-DCB first-in-human (FIH) trial, which is evaluating the safety and performance of the SirPlux Duo DCB for de novo coronary artery disease (CAD), has also achieved a significant milestone. The company successfully treated the first cohort of study participants, demonstrating initial short-term safety data for the innovative DCB.

Marwan Berrada, Co-Founder and CEO of ANT, expressed enthusiasm for both developments, highlighting the new strategic investment’s role in advancing ANT’s clinical initiatives and the positive progress in the clinical trial. The SirPlux Duo DCB combines sirolimus and paclitaxel to offer a front-line therapy for CAD treatment, delivering sustained, low-dose release of both compounds to inhibit cell growth and prevent restenosis. ANT’s nanoparticle drug-encapsulation and delivery platform ensures safe and sustained bioavailability of the drugs in tissue.

Investigator Rishi Puri MD, PhD, from the Cleveland Clinic’s Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute, commented on the potential of ANT’s technology to provide safe and prolonged therapy for preventing coronary restenosis without the need for a permanent implant. Investigator Dr. Jith Somaratne, an Interventional Cardiologist from Auckland City Hospital and The Heart Group, highlighted the promising impact of the SirPlux Duo DCB on coronary interventions, particularly the combination of two potent antiproliferative drugs in a reliable nanoparticle platform.

The investment and advancements mark significant progress for ANT in its mission to revolutionize vascular disease treatment using nanotechnology applications.

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