A Seattle-based startup Whalesync, syncing data between software apps, Raises $1.8M


Whalesync, a Seattle startup that helps businesses sync their data between software applications using no-code, has raised $1.8 million.

CEO Curtis Fonger and co-founder Matthew Busel lead the company. Fonger previously founded Appetas, a Seattle startup that assisted restaurant owners in creating customizable websites that integrated with delivery services such as OpenTable and GrubHub.

Appetas was acquired by Google in 2014, where Fonger worked for six years as an engineer.

Busel previously worked at MakeSpace as a product manager and then at Thylacine Capital as a software consultant. He previously founded Referralboard, a Slack integration that allows users to earn points by referring employees to their managers.

The pair met through Y Combinator’s founder matching platform, and they became the first startup to graduate from the accelerator after meeting through the networking program.

Whalesync sells a no-code tool that allows businesses to sync data across multiple software apps, allowing them to manage all of their inputs from a single spreadsheet.

Whalesync will compete with large file-syncing companies such as Zapier, as well as HubSpot, which recently acquired the data synchronization platform PieSync.

Pre-seed funding is provided by YC, Ascend, Liquid2, Soma, and others.

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