Petabox, a W3 based cloud provider Raises Pre-seed round


Petabox, a San Francisco-based w3 based cloud provider announced it has raised $350,000 in pre-seed round funding. Investor in this round were not diclosed.

Petabox is an AI-based solution, packaging and integrating multiple cloud storage services into a single composite service. Being a data storage aggregator Petabox use AI to monitor all the prices pertaining to the entirety of the cloud storage market, enabling us to act as a sort-of real time arbitrage wholesaler for the infrastructures of major cloud services, while providing retail access.

Petabox, which is founded in 2022 is a S3 compatible object storage provider. This San Francisco, CA-based startup is led by Alexander Shishow. Petabox use w3 tech for data storage. This means data will be stored on thousands of hosts randomly split into little chunks, and each chunk is encrypted by AES-512 military-grade encryption.

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