Robovision raised $42 million in a Series A funding


AI computer vision startup Robovision has successfully raised $42 million in a Series A funding round led by Target Global and Astanor Ventures, aimed at fueling its expansion in the United States. This funding marks one of the largest Series A rounds in Belgium’s burgeoning startup ecosystem, as reported by Dealroom, a data platform tracking investment activities.

Robovision specializes in integrating AI-powered computer vision technology with robotics, empowering machines with the ability to perceive and interpret visual information. The company’s platform facilitates process automation for its clients, offering a range of applications across various industries.

One notable use case of Robovision’s technology involves automating the sorting and planting of tulip bulbs using advanced 2D and 3D image recognition algorithms. Additionally, the platform has been integrated into supermarket scales in Belgian chain Colruyt to identify fruits and vegetables accurately for labeling during weighing.

Beyond agriculture and retail, Robovision’s technology has been leveraged for computed tomography diagnostics enhancement, plastic waste detection in rivers, and quality control optimization in manufacturing plants. The platform boasts integration with over 1,000 robots across 40 different countries.

A key highlight of Robovision’s solution is its no-code nature, enabling end-users to utilize the platform without specialized data science expertise.

Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, Robovision currently employs 130 individuals and plans to hire an additional 70 employees by the end of the year. The influx of funding will accelerate the company’s expansion efforts in the United States, particularly addressing the growing demand for automated solutions in manufacturing facilities.

Florian Hendrickx, Chief Growth Officer at Robovision, emphasized the intention to establish a robust local presence in the United States to tackle the labor force shortage. Additionally, the funding will support further investment in research and development, as well as fuel growth initiatives in existing markets. Future plans include expanding operations across Germany, France, the UK, the Middle East, and Asia.

In addition to Target Global and Astanor Ventures, Red River West, a Paris-based VC, also participated in the funding round, underlining investor confidence in Robovision’s innovative technology and growth potential.

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