Luxury Presence Raised $19.2M in Series B-1 Funding


Luxury Presence, a proptech startup known for its growth marketing solutions for real estate professionals, has introduced Presence Copilot™, an innovative mobile platform designed to empower real estate agents with AI-powered tools and enhanced client collaboration features. Additionally, the company has secured $19.2 million in Series B-1 funding from investors, led by Bessemer Venture Partners, to accelerate the development of this groundbreaking platform.

Presence Copilot™ aims to make the lives of real estate professionals more efficient and productive, enabling them to close deals faster and deliver exceptional client experiences. The platform offers agents their own branded mobile apps, providing a centralized space to manage and collaborate with clients. The AI-powered mobile assistant within the app assists agents by preparing them for meetings, transcribing voice notes, updating client preferences, and accessing real-time market data from more than 270 MLS services.

Malte Kramer, Founder and CEO of Luxury Presence, believes that AI is a transformative technology for the real estate industry. He views Presence Copilot™ as a way to equip agents with “superpowers,” relieving them of mundane tasks and empowering them to provide memorable client experiences. The platform delivers on-demand AI-driven market insights, facilitates on-the-go relationship management, offers collaborative search features, and presents an agent-branded app that impresses clients and enhances brand equity.

The concept for Presence Copilot™ originated from industry veteran Dawn McKenna, a highly successful agent who grew her team from five to 20 agents and expanded her operations across six markets with the support of Luxury Presence. McKenna’s idea was to develop a powerful mobile app to give her team a competitive edge. Impressed by her solution and recognizing its potential to transform the industry, Luxury Presence acquired McKenna’s mobile app and collaborated with her team to develop Presence Copilot™.

By digitalizing McKenna’s successful strategies, Luxury Presence aims to provide any real estate professional with the tools to elevate their business. Whether an individual agent or part of a large team, Presence Copilot™ offers the confidence and knowledge to enhance job performance, impress clients, and close more deals.

The funding from Bessemer Venture Partners and other existing investors will enable Luxury Presence to expedite the product’s development and further solidify its position as a leader in the proptech industry. With Presence Copilot™, Luxury Presence is poised to revolutionize how real estate professionals work and interact with clients in an increasingly competitive and tech-driven market.

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