Lukka Acquires Web3 Start-up and Accelerates DeFi Roadmap


Lukka, the leading provider of institutional crypto asset data and data management, announced today the acquisition of Web3’s blockchain analytics capability, Venato. Lukka is bringing in Venato’s R&D and Engineering team with deep blockchain, Web3, and decentralized finance (DeFi) development experience as part of the acquisition to further build out existing capabilities and integrate it with existing Lukka products.

Lukka’s acquisition of Venato’s capability and employees provides Lukka with access to an intelligent framework for tagging and identifying DeFi transactions, an analytical engine with innovative profit and loss tracking, and a blockchain transaction search and aggregate feature.

Kinga Bosse, Global CFO of Lukka, said that the acquisition is an important milestone for Lukka, which will allow them to grow their Web3 and decentralized capabilities and provide innovative and secure solutions for their customers. She expressed excitement about the potential of the partnership and the opportunities it presents for the business and the industry as a whole.

Because Venato supports 90+ protocols, Lukka can add more clarity to its DeFi data sets, enabling more advanced risk processes to support its current data collection and reporting capabilities.

The acceleration of institutional demand for reporting that uses both on-chain and off-chain data sources continues to drive significant transaction volumes across the ecosystem while complicating business middle and back-offices. Lukka will continue to expand its on-chain services to meet the needs of its global institutional customer base.

Lukka is a global company with offices in Zug, Switzerland, and Singapore, allowing them to provide best-in-class technology wherever their customers require it.

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